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The last phase

16 Jul

We’ve hiked.  We’ve trekked.

We’ve been in the jungle.  and gone white water rafting.

and seen large spiders.  and cooked our own meals.  and treated our water.  some of us have gotten a little sick.  we’ve taken long bus rides.

we’ve climbed mountains.

we’ve learned about each other and learned about ourselves.  everyone has taken the reins as leader or as cook. Everyone has gotten and given feedback on what they are doing well and how they can improve.

everyone has been stretched.

and now, we have just 10 days left in country.

Today we head to cayambe where we will go to a school outside of town and camp there, in the school, for about 5 or 6 days.  There we will work with the local community and help make the school a better place for teaching and learning.

even though it is summer vacation for the students here, our group is hoping that there will be students there.  everyone wants to practice their spanish and deliver the toys and good stuff they brought with them.  I foresee a futbol game in the near future!

I am looking forward to seeing the good work that this group of young people that I have seen grow over the past 3 weeks will do!

the group on the Quilotoa loop

Trying new things

13 Jul

I am sitting in the sun, overlooking the city of Otovalo and Imbabura (a mountain).  We are arrived at the Rose Cottage cabanas today and now everyone is either chilling in hammocks, reading their summer reading (so responsible) or playing table tennis.  Life is good….

Hard to believe that we have been in Ecuador for a little over two weeks (and have a little less than two weeks to go!!!).  So far we have hiked near the Quilotoa crater, sampled a lot of rice, potatoes and chicken, gone white water rafting, done a jungle trek, been freaked out about spiders and bugs, seen some awesomemariposas, and laughed a lot.

Tomorrow we are going to head into Otovalo for the saturday market — which is a huge market (s0me of the kids are REALLY excited to go shopping).  Some of us will also go to the animal market earlier in the morning.  Then on Sunday we will be spending the day getting ready for a project — which will be at a school outisde of Cayambe — where we will be for close to a week.

It is great to hear the students expand their boundaries – to go from freaked out about bugs and buses and food to being able to navigate their way through bus terminals, speak to locals and get their needs met.  Everyone has pushed their boundaries in a good way – and we are reaping the benefits of thoughtful reflection and growth!  It is awesome to see folks trying new things — I even got cookies out of it (I bet a student that she would like white water rafting — she was convinced that she wouldn’t.  Guess who won?!)

Will post pictures when my internet connection allows for it…..

Back in South America

5 Jul

Hearing the Spanish soon after arrival thrilled me…  it was so good to be back.  Driving through the streets after our late night arrival, seeing the signs in Spanish, speaking with our driver….  so good to be back.

Four months here stole my heart.  I just know I am meant to spend a lot of time here.  I know that I am suppose to learn how to speak Spanish.  I just know that I am meant to trek and climb more in the Andes.  And so, being back here just feels right.

I am here, this time, with 13 kids and 2 teachers in tow.  Or more like it, I am in tow of them!  I am leading an expedition for World Challenge for the month of July here in Ecuador.

and so, needless to say, it is different this time around….  but pretty amazing to see this world that I love so much through the eyes of the students.  To hear them try and express themselves, to hear them try and figure out how to get from Point A to Point B and to navigate the markets and get buses.  I remember it quite well…..

We just finished a trek around Quilotoa crater – a pretty amazing crater lake.  And tomorrow we return to El Chaupi, which is just south of Quito where we will gather supplies, rest up and then head out for our mountain climb on Saturday of Ruminahui (my spelling of that might be off….).

It is fun working with students again, and great to be sharing with them a place I love.  They all are pretty awesome and we definitely laugh, a lot.

pictures and more coming soon…..