When I was first applying for a teaching position, I wrote a personal statement reflecting my teaching philosophy.  I titled it “Teaching on Planet Aurora” – as I believe that the teaching and learning that happens in my classroom is pretty special.  Planet Aurora has been full of laughter, inquiry, hands-on experiments and rigor.

I love teaching – love seeing students conquer their fears and grow into people.  But, I also love learning about the world and finding out what is out there – conquering my own fears and growing as I learn.  this blog is here to record my journeys over the 9 months I am traveling, to keep in touch with my fabulous students and my friends and family.

Over the 9 months, I will be traveling to Nepal, India, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru (well, that is the plan right now – who knows what will happen as time goes along).  I plan to trek and hike and climb as much as possible, but really – the goal is to just go.


Well, I traveled, I climbed, and I trekked.  And then I tried to figure out the next step.  Peru?  India?  Colorado?

And then a really cool job landed in my lap — in NYC of all places.  And I thought to myself:  Wow, NYC will be an adventure.  Kind of like this past year has been.  So, yeah. Here I am — keeping the adventure going, but with an apartment, and more than a backpack worth of clothes to choose from.  And so far so good….  Though, I’d be lying if I said that next adventure wasn’t looming on the horizon….

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Andrew at 2:32 pm #

    Is the movie going to be in the states or Netflix? (YES I DID READ THE BLOG) bedbugs must be terrible i looked up a couple remedies and a few that i found that might be of good use is mint, Cayenne pepper and lavender repels bedbugs i guess when at your next stop if you apply these to you bed a few hours before you go to sleep you will be bedbug free however i do believe the cayenne pepper works the best,and some part of me thinks that is would be fairly easy to find cayenne pepper in india but i hope all is well, much love Andrew

  2. coreyroberts at 6:17 am #

    Hey Aurora. I totally flaked and meant to write you just to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ even though it means absolutely less than zero over there. From the looks of everything you’re posting you’re having a pretty amazing trip. Keep track of which airlines have the most legroom for me in case I venture to any of your destinations in years to come…trust me, it’s worth keeping track of in my case. I know, I’m sure it’s top of your list of things to remember.

    Keep having fun.


  3. Carol Valmy-Merchant at 3:57 pm #

    So when are you coming to the MidEast?

  4. Dana at 3:54 pm #

    Hi! Got wind of your blog from Kim at RTWsomanplaces. I asked her if she knew of any travel blogs featuring single ladies who made/are making long-term travel happen as many travel blogs are either men or couples.

    Wanted to say I liked this page a lot. So many travel blogs’ “About me” section are the same: “I worked in a high-paying, corporate, soul-sucking job and felt suffocated by the walls of my cubicle and had to get out!” Nothing wrong with that, but it’s extremely common.

    You sound like me: Not unhappy in work/career, but interested in seeing more of the world and why now now while I’m single and have no kids? I do actually work in a cubicle, but for a not-for-profit with interesting work, great colleagues and a long weekend every other week.

    Last year I went to Central America for three weeks (awesome!) and prior to that, I had not left North America since high school (I’m 35 now). I didn’t do any international travel in my 20s at all, so now I’m making up for lost time. I head to Indonesia next month and am considering asking for a leave of absence from my job next year for a longer trip.

    Again, not because I am unsatisfied with career or life, but because I want to see more of the world, like you. Anyway, that’s my long-winded way of saying… Finally, a travel blog’s “About me” I can relate to! 🙂

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