Here is my ‘Dear Life’

28 Aug

This is a reprint from my friend Kim’s blog.  

Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Dear Life –

I’ve been hesitant to write you because I wasn’t sure how I felt about you.  I knew believed you were giving me “gifts” – but they sure didn’t feel like gifts – all that struggle and messiness?!  Come on now – what kind of gifts are those?!

But now… now I think I’m getting it.  And I think that I’m ready to say thank you.

Thank you for travel – a solo journey that I thought would be the answer – but instead was only the opening of the door.  And that door being my heart, naturally.  And the opening of that door just prepared me to do the really hard work of this past year – which meant more opening and naming all that I want and all that I am worth.

And thank you for courage.  The courage to be vulnerable.  The courage to believe I’m worthy of everything I want.  The courage to push open the door to my heart even further.  And what hard work it is – so thank you again for the courage to take it on.

Finding the beauty in each day

Finding the beauty in each day

But life, I know that you are pragmatic (since you’re my life – of course you’re pragmatic!) – so thank you for deep lungs and big strong muscular thighs.  So, I can’t find pants to fit right (it’s way more fun to wear cute dresses anyway), but I can climb mountains and pedal my bike for hours and be active and outside, which feeds my soul and heart in countless ways.

And thank you for watermelon and hoppy ipas.  And bachata and cumbia.  And friends new and old to keep me laughing and celebrating and exploring and pushing myself.

And thank you life – for filling me with more dreams than I will ever accomplish in this life time and filling me with the dissonance of loving my work and loving this world – what a great dilemma to have!

And just…. Thank you.  With all my heart.

4 Responses to “Here is my ‘Dear Life’”

  1. Lutye Willis at 11:58 pm #

    Dear Aurora, I was able to pull this up yesterday? Was it yesterday or day before? I could read this everyday…to remind myself to thank life!! Your thoughts expressed so eloquent, I might borrow the message. Only problem is that I can’t wear those cute short dresses. The exciting thing each day for me is being alive. Also, add your cousin Eva to your connections to Portland. She is an awesome person embracing life. Best, Lutye

    • planetaurora at 12:04 am #

      Thanks Lutye! Yes…. it is a work in progress. I feel like I need constant reminders to stay present and vulnerable. And how to have the courage to keep my heart open…. it’s hard work!

  2. A at 8:12 pm #

    Wow that is incredibly sweet and cute. The letter is such a cool thing :). Haha i always get angry at life for all the obstacles even when down the road they start to make more sense 😉

    • planetaurora at 5:45 pm #

      I KNOW! Why can’t it just be easy?! but then it probably wouldn’t be as good….

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