Playground for adults

18 Aug

I’ve decided that NYC is just one big playground for adults.  Sure, there are jobs and Times Square (please make me never go back there) and plays and all the other stuff that tourists visit.  And then there is the fun for the rest of us!  It’s amazing really.

You want proof?  Let me share about my weekend….

Saturday, I went island hopping.

Yes, you read that right.  I went out to Governor’s Island – off the Isle of Manhattan.  You can take a ferry from Brooklyn or Manhattan – either way it is fun, mostly because you are riding on a boat.  And island hopping.

on the ferry to Governor's Island

on the ferry to Governor’s Island

We went out to the Isle of Governors because there was a fête  Yes, a party.  This party was the Fête Paradiso, a traveling festival with old-timey french rides and games.  Sound amazing?  It was.

French games

French games


old timey rides

old timey rides


But beyond the very cool rides and games were ….. the people!  NY’ers apparently have some time (and money) on their hands.  And when they hear about a party like this…..  they go all out!  And by all out, I mean — they were dressed to impress.  The roaring 20s were alive and well at Governor’s Island.

the fact that they had these clothes....  just waiting for this event

the fact that they had these clothes…. just waiting for this event


There was also food and wine (like any good french event) – we had a croque monsieur and some frites.

not sure who photo-bombed who's photo

not sure who photo-bombed who’s photo

Of course, there was time to wander the rest of the Isle – which had art and goats and chicken and a math exhibit.  I could have stayed there for days!

giant's hands

giant’s hands

But then — wait!  The weekend fun didn’t stop…..

Today, I took a 36-ish (depending on how many miles I rode while lost in Manhattan) mile trip up the the George Washington Bridge.  Wait, you don’t believe me?  Here’s proof.

the lighthouse

the lighthouse


.... and the bridge

…. and the bridge

How about them apples?!  I rode on the Hudson River greenway — no cars, just bikes, runners, roller-bladders (who does that anymore?!), and a few assorted others (tai chi, sword work, etc.).  It was pretty awesome…..  I know what I am doing next sunday!  I was home in time to hit up the farmer’s market, stuff my face to refuel from my 3-hour ride and chill out with some coffee.


I’ve decided that I do adore getting to play in this big ol’ playground!


12 Responses to “Playground for adults”

  1. Mary Lou Reid at 11:09 pm #

    I am so jealous. After college I wanted to live in NYC. Instead I got married, Jim finished dental school in Indianapolis, and then we moved to….Conway, Mass! 20 miles to the grocery store. I still want to explore NY. Are you hiring out as a tour guide? Or do I just stumble around and discover things?

  2. Carol Kushner at 11:37 pm #

    What a great adventure! Meet me sometime at The Cloisters–you can probably ride your bike there, too.

  3. OMG, it sounds like the EXACT OPPOSITE of suburban Ohio where Brian and I literally mime shooting our brains out about four thousand times a day.

  4. Kenn Kushner at 1:17 pm #

    I love the area under the GWB. Nesting falcons, herons, good rock to climb. It always amazed me when I would think about the fact that I was in Manhattan.

    • planetaurora at 1:19 pm #

      It’s so true – it’s hard to believe!!!
      What a cool city this is!

  5. theveryhungry at 4:28 am #

    Beautiful (and playful) pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

    • planetaurora at 5:44 pm #

      Thanks for checking them out! It was such a fun place to go!


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