The Last Night

11 Aug

The last night we were in Ecuador, I realized that it was my last night of my ‘year’ of travel.  I sat with my journal, after evening meeting and reflected on where I had gone and where I was going.  Here are  my thoughts from that night….

9 months.  7 countries.

Love. Growth. Breakthroughs. Reflection. Mountains. Learning. Mistakes. Letting go. Envisioning. Dreaming. Planning. Loving myself. Loving the world. Contentment. Popcorn.

Plazas. Alone. Walking. Thinking. writing. Journeys. Paths. love. Saying yes. Building bridges. getting ready for the next step. Jumping in. Finding my place. opening up. possibilities. disappointments. heartbreak. sitting with myself. Exploration. Chai. Thinking. Knowing. Wanting. Growing. Trying. Bridges. Breaking down walls. Awareness. Recognizing patterns. Interactions. Connections. Reaching out. Accepting help.

Watching. Being watched.

Accepting. Change. Smiling. Naming what I want. Falling in love. Mountains. Dreams. Openness. Growth. Reflection. Saying yes. Trusting my gut. Opening doors. Finding the positive. Taking risks.

Being scared. Trusting myself. Trusting the world. Smiles. Kids. Babies. Dark hair. Dancing. Knowing what I deserve (and believing it to my core).

Essentials. Taxis. Trains. Buses. Auto-rickshaws. Sherpas. Nepalis. Indians. Thai. Vietnamese. Argentines. Patagonia. Aconcagua. Bolivia. Cusco. Huaraz.

Stephanie. Christian. Chloe. Beth. Bijay. Michael. Lisa. Katherina. Alan.

Growth. Love. Yes.

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