Off to see glaciers and mountains

10 Jan

Tomorrow Beth and I will visit the glacier Perito Morreno, which is here in El Calafate.  From what I hear — it is huge and amazing.  i am ready to be awed.

following that day trip (it is about an hour and a half bus ride each way), we will take a 3 hour bus ride to El Chalten to start a trek on wednesday — this will be a 5 day, 4 night trek that brings us up near ice fields with hopefully some amazing glacier views within the Fitz Roy Range.  It is supposed to be amazing.  Looking over the map today during our planning session, i got so excited for it.

Following our trek, we will do another day trip (or possibly an overnight) but we are constrained by trying to get to Mendoza on the 22nd to meet Mike to prepare for Aconcagua.  And, well, it is a 50 hour bus ride to get up there…..  so, it takes a bit of planning.

I already know i want to stay in Patagonia a lot longer than I will be here.  I will have to decide after Aconcagua whether I will come back or not (but buses here are SUPER expensive…  but then again, it is Patagonia…  when am i going to come back?).  Or maybe just keep heading north to see the rest of the Andes.  Who knows.

But what I do know is…  I am so excited to see the Andes tomorrow and the Fitz Roy range.  I look forward to sharing soon.

Take care friends — aurora

p.s. — if you want to see more (or see all our gear) — here is my friend Beth’s blog:

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