the north

10 Dec

hello friends —

just a quick post to let you know that I have safely arrived in Rajasthan- in the north.  I am in the holy city of Pushkar — which reminds me of Varanasi.  It is a holy lake surrounded by ghats – and full of plenty of touts and scams…  the juxtaposition of holiness and scam artists is amazing to me….

it was a long journey up here — but the difference is noticeable — from the look of the people (i am struck by the green and hazel eyes of many of the people here)  to the food to the climate (i wore a long sleeve shirt for the first time in a month – it was cold this morning!) – I am in a different India!

I will stay here for a few days… drinking the amazing chai — the mixture of spices is simply amazing.  This morning, I bought some chai from a guy on the street in a clay cup for 5 rupees.  a nice way to start the day.

I have a longer post — but I just wanted to update you on my world.

love — aurora

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