A full day’s work

15 Sep

we just got back from 7.5 hours at the airport waiting for our flight to Lukla. They kept delaying the flight since the airport in Lukla was closed due to bad weather. You could definitely tell the Trekkers in the room – lots if gortex, quick dry, and backpacks (versus saris and salwar kameez).

The airport at Lukla is notorious for delays and cancelations…. Though we hear it is up in the mountains with one of those, you know, short run ways(I.e. Jones- you would not like this flight).

Our flight is refinements for tomorrow and we really hope we can make it out but we have definitely already heard horror stories of people taking 6 tries to get out of town…. That is a lot of taxi fare and sitting around!

It is interesting – the crowd (at the airport at least) seems to be different than the Annapurna crowd. Not sure what but definitely a bit more amped up. Everyone talks about heading to EBC ( everest base camp). Which we will be doing as part of our trek but it is not the central part if ours. I guess there is not even a view from EBC …. Not that I am knocking the trek – we will go over our highest pass on the way (over 5500 m!). Now we just need to get there!

Ok- we are off to get food. We ate all our provisions this morning (our left over pizza and chips) too early thinking we would not have to wait that long! Now we’re hungry!

2 Responses to “A full day’s work”

  1. Carol Kushner at 12:48 am #

    This reminds me of Peter Matthiessen’s SNOW LEOPARD and Gretel Ehrlich’s book about traveling in the same area and seeing all the Buddhist prayer wheels. I live vicariously through this, and love seeing photos of it all. What is it like to see the foreign trekkers interact with the people from there? Are they respectful or intent on doing their own thing, their own climb, etc.? So interesting–I’d love to be with you.

    • planetaurora at 12:59 am #

      Thanks mom It is pretty cool out there I will have to reread the snow leopard I cannot really remember it….. We are hopefully headed out today Love you

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