Arrival in Doha

31 Aug

After finally making it to NYC yesterday and delivering my uncle’s passport, I went to Brooklyn for the afternoon to spend time with another  aunt and uncle.  We went to the brooklyn bridge park and walked along the water front with views of the Manhattan skyline and the statue of liberty in the distance.  Quite the nostalgic view for my departure from the country.

Big shout out to Ed and Hillary for feeding me and getting me to the airport – it made for a relaxing departure – seeing as my mind was far from relaxed.  to-do lists, running through what was in my pack and what was not…  my mind was full.   Then, the full gravity of what i am doing and where i am going hit me when i got in the Qatar Airways line.  I quickly could tell that i was not like the others.  I definitely was the only dirt bag in line, with my chacos and my backpack.  I recieved lots of stares from the predominantly indian and middle eastern crowd – men and women mostly dressed in salwar kameezes (is that the plural form?).

On the screen, it showed where we were in real time and how that corresponded to day/night.  I seem to have bypassed wednesday – I will depart for Kathmandu in a few hours (and by few – i really mean about 4).  The Doha airport seems to be mostly centralized around a huge duty free shopping area – it even includes a car!  All the signs are written in arabic with an english translation below.  Men are walking about in traditional arabic dress, long white flowing gowns and checkered head-dresses.  There are some women in burkhas.  I am trying not to stare, though I am intrigued.

I had dreams about school on the flight over – thinking of everyone at Ren, hoping the first day was awesome.  And hoping all the alums are starting school and doing great.  much love everyone — next time i will check in from kathmandu!

7 Responses to “Arrival in Doha”

  1. Jane at 5:22 pm #

    i admire your courage, aurora; you inspire me…..

  2. Sue Gentile at 5:52 pm #

    I am sooooooooooo excited for you (as I probably already wrote on FB). I have tears in my eyes. Travel well, Aurora!

    • planetaurora at 7:01 pm #

      thanks sue…. as i look around at all the Arab families – I realize how much I have to learn and see in this world.
      I cannot even imagine how much my mind is going grow and change this year….
      it is good to be going on this journey with all my people at my back.

  3. planetaurora at 10:00 pm #

    Glad to hear things are going well, so far. I miss you!

  4. Carol Kushner at 1:39 am #

    I am the person who so misses you, Aurora! You will indeed learn much!


  5. Ryan at 2:10 am #

    Miss you! So happy you followed your dreams

    Can’t wait to hear more

  6. Ali Maynard at 3:27 am #

    Safe travels, soak it in….just finished yet another book about everest and renewed my desire to see it some day – not climb it, just see it 🙂

    If you meet a guy named Ben Ayers, tell him Ali says hi… I know there are lots of people there but he’s the only one i know….


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