I don’t like you, Irene.

30 Aug

Besides the craziness of the flooding in NY and Vermont, Irene is messing with my life more than I would like.

I weathered the storm with my fabulous friends Matt and Jess – good food, good tv and some fun walks in the wind and rain.   Plus I got to say goodbye (again and again) to Jess (other Jess) and Brant – which was super nice.  Prolonged goodbyes seemed to make saying goodbye not as hard (because each time I said goodbye, it seemed I would be making plans to hang out again).

The new plan was to drive to Albany today to meet up with my father (because all train service was canceled – so he was going to take a bus).  But on my way to Albany, he called to say that buses were not running either.  so some guy was driving him and a few others who were trying  to get to the area….

Fast forward a few hours and they were still trying to get around the floods.  I was sitting at the Albany area, stressing about packing.  Finally, he called to say there was no way around and they were headed home.  So, I headed to my mom’s house – sad that I did not get to say goodbye to my dad.

There was fear that i would not be able to get into the city — flooding, trains and buses out — but good ol’ Metro North is up and running, so that is helpful.  So, I  will take a train into the city and then head to JFK.

sounds smooth, right?

Nope, not yet.  My aunt called — my uncle left his passport in upstate NY, he is in the city and he flies out tomorrow.  So, I am headed back to Albany, pick up the passport and then headed into the city.

good times.

oh, and everything  (which seemed like not all that much) is NOT fitting in my bag….  this is making for an exciting everning…..

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