Bucket Lists

4 Jun

This post is dedicated to Lindsay and Sarah.

When I was in India a few summers back on a summer-teacher-sabbatical with two friends who also happened to be colleagues, I remember sitting in our room during a home-stay trek we were on.  We were in the top floor of the one-house ‘village’, listening to the monk chant in the other room, and playing with the ‘village’ child.  From our room, we had a view of Stok Kangri, the highest mountain in Ladakh and later watched the moon rise above the mountain.  It was a crystal blue day, one of those high alpine days that make me love the mountains.

Not sure how or why we started, but we each started to make a life list.  You know, the things you jot down that you hope some day you will do.  The big dreams.  Now, 3 years later – I realize that all 3 of us have been able to manifest many of our dreams.  This upcoming year I will be living so much of my life list (trek in the andes, climb a 20,000 ft. peak, travel for 6 or more months, trek in the himalayas, learn Spanish by immersion).  And the really fun think about bucket lists?  There’s always more to dream.

What’s on your life list?

3 Responses to “Bucket Lists”

  1. Aunt Maria at 7:51 pm #

    Aurora — You are inspirational! I want to learn more languages and make my own documentary. How many years do I have? I’m a lot slower than you are, my dear.

    • planetaurora at 1:42 am #

      maria —
      not sure how you would consider yourself slower?! all your travels and adventures have been inspiration for me!
      can’t wait to see your documentary!

  2. Stephanie Guzman at 4:18 pm #

    That sounds amazing! Wish I could have tagged along. Love you! Take care and lots of pictures. Your favoritest crew member ever!!

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